Smart Money Machines


Smart Money Machines

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We are QuickCount—
New Zealand’s
leading provider of smart money machines.


Cash Redemption Terminal


Desktop Cash Handling

Our Commitment



We provide innovative cash handling and transactional solutions.

We provide off the shelf and custom solutions to meet the wide range of business needs with a focus on our local market and its integration needs. Our products are perfect for retail, hospitality, banking, charitable/not-for-profit, and CIT markets supported by an extensive and experienced technical team.

QuickCount is located in central Auckland, New Zealand, with sales and support staff based in Auckland and Wellington and distribution partners in Australia. We are led by a management and sales team with extensive industry experience (55 years combined) and knowledge in the cash handling industry. 

We offer a range of reliable and affordable cash handling and kiosk solutions that can save you time and money. Enabling a secure, fast and accurate solution for cash counting and transactional processes.