cash redemption terminals


Astro CRT

The Astro is an Innovative and feature rich CRT with an intuitive menu system for ease of use. 

Designed with security and engaging aesthetics in mind the Astro CRT will take pride of place in any gaming room environment.

QuickCount CRT Solutions provide seamless integration with local systems. Our CRT remote management portal provides live meters, event logs and operational status to ensure accurate balancing and maximum uptime.

The Astro CRT is ideal for gaming venues and casinos.



desktop cash handling machines


MIB-9 (SB-9)

MIB-9 is the world’s fastest and smallest 2 pocket banknote sorter with counterfeit detection. MIB-9 is a world leader in desktop note sorting solutions. It has mixed counting, denomination sorting, facing and orientating, counterfeit detection, and is installed with the latest innovative CIS sensing technology.

MIB-9, one of the most advanced SB Series, is the world’s smallest currency discriminator, having 2 pockets, a stacker and a reject pocket.

The MIB-9 is ideal for retail shops, banks, and currency exchange centres.


SB 3000

The world’s smallest and most advanced 3 pocket fitness sorter.

With modern design, 5” TFT (thin film transistor) colour LCD and user-friendly interface, the SB-3000 provides every operator with a more comfortable and efficient working environment. Three pockets allow operators to perform daily cash processing jobs and sort banknotes by quality, denomination, and counterfeit without any interruption.

The SB 3000 is ideal for CIT companies, gaming venues, currency exchange, casinos and banks.


SB 5000

The world’s smallest and most advanced 5 pocket fitness sorter.

The SB-5000 is the latest product in bulk note sorting, with five pockets that can be utilised to suit the user. It has a swivel base to accommodate for two users: this is a desktop solution that is fast eliminating the extremely expensive and bulk note sorting options, Cash in Transit and banking markets historically invested in. The SB-5000’s uptake globally is an unprecedented success in product innovation and market suitability.

This product is ideal for CIT companies, gaming venues, currency exchange, casinos and banks.


SB 5+

The world’s fastest and smallest 2 pocket competitively priced banknote counter and sorter. The SB 5+ is an exciting note counting and sorting solution for all markets, and is tailor-made for New Zealand. 

The SB 5+ is based on New Zealand’s successful number one selling SB-9 model with the latest innovative CIS sensing technology. 

The SB 5+ machine is an affordable note counting and sorting solution, resulting in significant time savings, and a quick return on investment.



coin scales



Ideal for verifying contents of coin sachets or coin rolls with absolute accuracy.

The NCR-30 kg Coin Scale is a durable battery and mains operated 30kg coin scale with customer facing display, and is CCTV ready. Able to be connected directly to any CCTV digital video recorder with serial text in capability.

The NCR-30 is ideal for gaming venues, public transport stations, CIT companies and banks.


CountEasy TS-IP Note + Coin Scale

Counting a cash drawer was never easier. The CountEasy TS counts coins, rolls/bags and notes. You can count and store multiple tills and safes all within minutes.

With its touch screen technology, the new CountEasy TS-IP delivers greater cash handling efficiencies than any other count by weight scale in the world. Like your mobile phone or tablet, the high resolution full colour TFT screen only displays those functions that you need when you need them. 

The CountEasy TS-IP is ideal for speeding up spot checks, cash lifts, banking, shift changes and end of day reconciliation.


CountEasy Note + Coin Scale

CountEasy Note and Coin Scale, simple to use straight from the box. The Count Easy has established itself as one of the most reliable count by weight machines available today, and is the preferred choice of many leading Australian & UK retailers & banks. Simple and easy to use, with pre-programmed automatic counting sequences for ease and speed.

The CountEasy is the perfect solution for any environment that requires quick and accurate counting of notes, and coins.



security machines


Fast Deposit Safe

The MIB-D1 provides safe and simple cash management in any place, at any time. It is ideal for depositing cash, cheques, coupons and vouchers and it’s online monitoring system ensures that you have the most up-to-date data on your machine.

Safety is guaranteed with MIB-D1 with its dual locking system (electronic + physical keys) and solid steel construction. The RF reader/fingerprint scanner enables easy access to your machine when needed and when the door of the safe is opened cash storage bags seal automatically.

The MIB-D1 is ideal for supermarkets, petrol stations, gaming venues, CIT companies and currency exchange centres.

DNA Guardian warning 300x200 decal - BW.jpg

DNA Guardian

DNA Guardian; is a world class DNA marking technology designed with the input of Police, Forensics, Criminal Prosecutors, customers, victims of crime and criminals. 

This system has been designed for the Pub/Club/larger business market with multiple exits. It has larger capacity DNA solutions for spraying multiple offenders. This unit can spray up the venues unique DNA up to 20 times with a 6 meters wide reach.