SMART Payout


GST Exclusive / QuickCount New Zealand

The SMART Payout has superior note recycling and unrivalled mixed denomination banknote recycling.

The SMART Payout can store all denominations from a given currency, eliminating coin starvation and reducing the coin float level required to keep machines operational.

Auto-centering technology straightens notes before reading, and all notes in the SMART Payout can be transferred to the cashbox for easy collection


  • Superior note recycling
  • Unrivalled mixed denomination note recycler
  • Eliminates coin starvation
  • Maximises cash efficiency

Technical Specification:

  • Power
    Requirements: 12 V
    Standby: 400 mA
    Running: 3 A
    Peak: 5 A
  • Bezel Options
    82 / 85 mm width
    Metal bezel
    Various illumination options
  • Note Dimensions
    Width: 60 - 85 mm
    Length: 115 - 170 mm
    Width: 60 - 82 mm
  • Recycler Capacity
    Up to 70 mixed notes
  • Protocols
  • Cashbox Options
    500 notes
    1000 notes

 All prices are GST exclusive.