GST Exclusive / QuickCount New Zealand

The NV12+ is a revolutionary compact validator and ticket printer that dramatically reduces operational costs, by eliminating hopper starvation and reducing cash handling tasks. Its modular design combines a NV9 USB+ banknote validator with a high performance printer unit and integral barcode reader, delivering a market leading ticketing system. The NV12+ accepts standard industry barcode tickets and has an unrestricted ticket print length, enabling it to print end of day audits as well as single tickets.


  • Revolutionary compact ticketing system
  • High quality Seiko print mechanism
  • Cash in, Ticket in / Ticket out
  • Dramatically reduces operational costs

Technical Specification:

  • Power
    Requirements: 12 V
    Standby: 350 mA
    Running: 2 A
    Peak: 5.6 A
  • Bezel Options
    82 mm standard
    82 mm horizontal
    Rainbow illumination
  • Note Dimensions
    Width: 60 - 82 mm
    Length: 115 - 150 mm
  • Protocols
  • Interfaces
  • Cashbox Options
    300 standard
    300 lockable
    300 / 600 slide
  • Paper Type
    Thermal, paper roll max size:

 All prices are GST exclusive.