GST Exclusive / QuickCount New Zealand

The NV11+ is a market leading compact note recycler. Combining an NV9 USB+ banknote validator and ‘Note Float’ payout unit, the NV11+ can store and recycle up to 30 notes. The NV11+ maximises cash efficiency and reduces coin starvation, significantly reducing operational costs.

The NV11+ comes with a standard 300 note capacity cashbox and uses eSSP (encrypted Smiley Secure Protocol) or ccTalk. The NV11+ leaves the factory pre-set to at least one currency so is ready for immediate installation.


  • Market leading compact note recycler
  • Proven field reliability
  • Significantly reduces operational costs
  • Maximises operational efficiency

Technical Specification:

  • Power
    Requirements: 12 V
    Standby: 350 mA
    Running: 3 A
    Peak: 3.5 A
  • Bezel Options
    82 mm standard
    82 mm horizontal
  • Note Dimensions
    Width: 60 - 82 mm
    Length: 115 - 150 mm
  • Recycler Capacity
    30 notes
  • Protocols
  • Cashbox Options
    300 standard
    300 slide
    300 lockable
    600 slide

 All prices are GST exclusive.