DNA Guardian Security


GST Exclusive / QuickCount New Zealand

Price on application.  Pricing subject to venue inspection.


DNA Guardian; is a world class DNA marking technology designed to spray criminals and any goods they are carrying, with a unique forensic DNA marker spray - irrefutably linking the criminal directly to the crime. 

Systems are customizable to every venue, depending on the number of exit pathways that need to be covered and how you would like the system to respond.

Please contact us to discuss the product and available options for you. 


  • 4 Remotes
  • Cash register clip
  • 3 Premises warning stickers

Optional extras:

  • Additional slave units
  • Alarm connection module
  • GPS/GSM noticifcation and location module
  • Special integration unit to work with all kinds of triggering devices
  • Wireless repeaters for larger venue coverage


Click on the links below to watch demo videos:
How it works:
Retail example: